We are committed to developing, rewarding and retaining our talents; therefore, we provide structured processes, procedures, resources and working environment which will take the best out of you. The employment is just the beginning of your journey.

Your development is our development. We pursue to globalize our brand so we are looking for professionals who want to develop their talents and face new challenges, professionals who will help us push forward together.

We therefore pay great regard to:

  • appropriate job positioning
  • feedback and independence
  • training and education
  • internal promotions

Appropriate job positioning is the foundation of your future development. Our employment policy has a goal to position the employees at those jobs which will make their abilities, knowledge and competences come at their best. The appropriate match guarantees that the employees will be able to move one step up the development ladder.

Your entry in our company starts with our confidence in your abilities. For that reason we will give you independence and challenge your potential in tasks for which you will assume responsibility and dedication to show the best, but still, we will support you in the process by providing feedback as guidance in order to improve your abilities and development.

We recognize the importance of learning as a continuous lifetime process; therefore we provide training and education for further improvement of your abilities. Those are available through internal and external experts in their respective fields depending on the competences which need to be improved.

We believe in our employees and for this reason, whenever possible we try to fill in the vacancies with our existing employees who have the required competence. As a result, you can build your career through departments, functions or even other regions and thus accumulate a broad circle of experience and knowledge.